Cold Turkey

You think you are separate simply by habit. You have the habit of separation.

It’s not your fault. It’s just what humans do. At around age 2 or 3 everything the big people are telling you starts to sink in. You start believing you have a name, that you are a certain sex, a certain race. They tell you you are an American or a Fran├žaise. You just can’t help believing this stuff. So many folks are telling you this.

Everyone says “you” and points in your direction, so you take the body to be you. And the word “I” begins to take the shape of the body. And thus the habit is born. The habit of believing the labels are truth.

Somehow it is overlooked that before any of this, you were, you ARE. Otherwise how could it even happen? Without the present awareness to see and experience it all, then how is it even known, this history of yours.

The mind will have fun with this. It will say “That’s daft, crazy talk”. Good. Because the mind isn’t going to figure this out.

See, before the mind and before any thoughts that the thought, “mind”, can come up with: You are there, before that. All the trappings that make up a “me”: your body, your thoughts, your sensations, your history, cannot exist unless you are there first.

What you are isn’t known yet you know that you exist.

If you think that you know what you are, then I suggest you break that habit….