The Doldrums of Belief


Thoughts are like sailing vessels on a great ocean. They come in all shapes and sizes: light sailboats, exotic dhows, majestic tall ships.

But one thing is for certain: as long as the weather is favorable, they will continue to sail, coming and going, coming and going.

The weather is always favorable, until belief arrives. Belief creates the doldrums that flattens the sails of any thought and keeps it sitting still in the water, weighed down by barnacles.

You are the vast ocean in which the thoughts arrive and depart. Your belief halts their passage, keeping them, heavy and burdensome, anchored to reality. Without belief, without profound interest, a thought will continue it journey over the horizon.

Thoughts come and go in the spacious Noticing Presence that you are. You do not create them nor can you stop them. Let them sail on their journey. Bid them adieu. Do not provide the Doldrums of Belief.