Weather is one of those things that we would agree is out of our control. We know it comes and it goes, it’s fierce or it’s balmy. It can be a curse or a blessing. We know that all storms pass. Yet behind all of that weather the sky remains untouched, unchanged. Only clouds, rain and gusts of wind are moving. Not the sky. The sky contains it all.

Now look at this “me” that you take yourself to be. Imagine the body as the clouds, the sensations that occur as drops of rain or warming rays of sun, the thoughts and emotions as gusts of wind.

The body forms from nothing and will dissolve into nothing, sensations come and go at any moment, thoughts and emotions swirl about in a vortex that eventually abates, then swirls again.

All of these things come and go like storms and balmy days, yet this is who you think you are.

You think you are the weather.

When you are the sky…