Home Sweet Home

If you are already home and you must take a journey to get somewhere, then you must leave the house. This makes complete sense to all, except perhaps those on the journey to enlightenment or liberation or self-realization.

Time and again, you, the journeyer have been told that you are already home. There’s nowhere to go, nothing to get. Very frustrating when you look about the “house” and it’s in a absolute mess, to you at least.

It’s the same old humdrum place you’ve always lived in and you’ve heard about this amazing permanent resort vacation called “enlightenment”.

This is all mindstuff. The mind has created this vision of enlightenment. It has collected and archived all the knowledge of enlightenment and has crafted a beautiful travel brochure. “This is where you are heading. Once you get there you will be home.” Very sneaky, the mind. Suggesting you have to leave home to arrive home.

This is a futile enterprise: Trying to get home from inside the house.

You’d have to ignore the reality of the house in order to even entertain the idea. And by house, I mean the subtle yet always present awareness.

You are that. You are already home.