Really, no one…

There are some of you reading about all of this “nobody” business with a bit a trepidation or perhaps some smattering of fatalism. You wonder “If there is no one, then why should I care about anything or any one else, since they don’t exist? I can ignore the homeless, stand aloof from those who suffer, safely knowing that there is no one there.”

Hmm…only a “somebody” or a “me” would think that.

You see, if now, in the throes of believing in a “me” you are the kind of person who alleviates suffering and contributes to the well being of society, then it’s simply not possible for you to be any different.

Because what is being pointed to is not a absence of “me” that once existed. No, there is pointing only to the fact that the “me” has never existed.

All the kindnesses ever offered to assuage the suffering, no one was behind the efforts. Even as you grapple with the dilemma of free will and responsiblity, no one is doing even that.

Just look and see that a thought to help arises and an action follows. And that is all. Simply oneness offering itself a helping hand.