Look around you, right now. I mean really look.

Without words, without names, what is any of this? Without language how can you possibly know what anything is?

Someone told you, long ago, to call this that, and that this, and that the bundle of feelings and emotions is what you are. They didn’t say it poetically or symbolically. No they said it pretty matter-of-factly as if it’s a given, that you are your body and your emotions and thoughts. Then everyone else collaborated on the myth and you fell for it.

But the interesting thing is that most people don’t know they are perpetuating a myth. Because long ago, someone told them they were the body and everyone else agreed…well we know how the story goes.

But one day a thought occurs “Who am I?”

Some answer with the regulation answers: I’m me, I’m a woman, I’m shy, I’m this and that.

A few accept no answer. The question remains unanswered yet it is noted by the unknown and unavoidable.

Who am I? What am I? What is all of this?

There are no answers yet you KNOW that you ARE and this all IS.